Buck’s Ledge, Maine

We did a day hike in Maine, climbing up to Buck’s Ledge overlooking the communities of Locke Mills, Bryant Pond, and Bethel. It was a brilliant summer day – too late in the season for a real dawn chorus, but I did hear some warblers on the way up: black-throated blue, black-throated green, blackburnian, and black-and-white. The trail was short but steep.


James, who’d eaten nothing that morning but the frosting on a doughnut, was thoroughly pooped by the time we made it to the top.


I revived him with the emergency Mountain Dew that I keep in my fanny pack. Then he was a new man!


The kids reveled in their victory over the treacherous peak, and obliged us by posing for a photo.


The view up there is just lovely. That tallest mountain way in the background is New Hampshire’s famed Mount Washington, visible only on crystal clear days like this.


James didn’t like the “letters written on that mountain”, however. He was referring to the ski trails cut out of Mount Abrams. Smart kid.

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2 Responses to Buck’s Ledge, Maine

  1. Tom says:

    Great pictures!!

    Where’s the trailhead for the trail to Buck’s ledge? I don’t live far away and would like to try it.



    • hiker says:

      Right on Route 26 next to a tan house there is a dirt logging road. If coming from Bethel is is right before the roadside spring on the left.


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