Indiana Jones and the Aluminum Foil Skull

Once school finished a few weeks ago, we set the kids up to watch the first three Indiana Jones movies. Our kids love adventure movies and Han Solo, so we figured they’d get into them. They did, especially Temple of Doom – at 9 and 6 they’re the right demographic for Short Round. I taught them how to say “Truck? What truck?” They now really hate the Nazis, who are much more violent in these movies than the ones they already knew from The Sound of Music. The also like to count how many times in each movie someone says “Indyyyyyyyy!” and they’ve been imitating Marcus’ great line in the tank from #3: “Henry – the pen! Well don’t you see? The pen is mightier than the sword!”

So we took them to #4 on Saturday. They had a blast, of course, and now they know about the Cold War and spying and a lot of stuff like that. Fantasy though they are, these movies have given us a nice segue to talk about real history with them.

The movie was fun, as expected. The special effects were great, with one notable exception I’ll get to in a second. The location shots were pretty awesome. Shia Lebouf’s “Mutt” was a gritty and likable character.

But whoa – the script and the dialogue left quite a bit to be desired. I actually found myself doing something I’ve never done while watching an Indiana Jones movie – I yawned.

The biggest disappointment, however, had to be the stupid crystal skull itself. It looked like a football shaped wad of aluminum foil, wrapped in Saran Wrap, and covered with cheap plastic. For the amount of money they spent on this film, why the heck didn’t they just pay to have an actual crystal skull made?

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