Vertical Axis Wind Turbines

Phil Berardelli (ScienceNOW Daily News) has published a neat story here on the benefits of a specific configuration of vertical-axis wind turbines (VAWTs; example here).

VAWTS, arranged in a pattern that mimics schooling fish, can provide a similar energy output to traditional, horizontal axis wind turbines (HAWTs) on approximately 1/100th of the land area. Thus, VAWTs, already a preferred design for conservationists because they appear to present a far lesser threat for bird collisions, could also provide a substantial benefit in terms of land use conversion. That is, of course, unless greedy developers simply take this information to mean that they can reap 100X the power output from the same enormous land area they want to develop . . .

Other cool VAWT links:



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5 Responses to Vertical Axis Wind Turbines

  1. heidi says:

    Thanks so much for this endorsement of vertical axis models – now if you take these turbines and rotate them 90 degrees and then stick them on rooftops, I’m smitten!


  2. Untung suharto says:

    Yes,VAWT is quite and powerfull I have build one for my home lighting.


  3. jeff capistran says:


    I am an architect and am interested in a residential wind turbine for my house. The V10-VWAT image looks as though it would work in my situation. Please contact me at your convenience @ 310.344.4776.




  4. Sam says:

    please feel free to visit my site and see how it all started,
    i have design many other turbines and now i have a new one called “The Column 700w-12f-3b”
    Sam Chamas


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