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# ABC Works to Include AZE in the Convention on Biological Diversity Thu Dec 3 10:50:48 2009
In October 2010, government leaders from around the world will meet in Nagoya, Japan to discuss numerous conservation topics at the tenth Conference to the Parties of the Convention on Biological Diversity.

# Hawaiian Songbird Named One of America’s Hottest Species Tue Dec 1 15:10:29 2009
The Kaua`i Creeper or `Akikiki has been named one of America’s top ten threatened species impacted by global warming in a new report released today. The report, America’s Hottest Species, produced by the Endangered Species Coalition in conjunction with a coalition of groups including American Bird Conservancy, demonstrates ways that our changing climate is increasing the risk of extinction for eleven species around the United States that are on the brink of disappearing forever.

# Barbed Wire Fences Take Significant Toll on Imperiled Greater Sage-Grouse, New Study Finds Wed Nov 25 13:45:00 2009
Results of a new study by biologists with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department have raised awareness of yet another hazard to Greater Sage-Grouse populations. In addition to the combined threats of sagebrush habitat loss due to development and agriculture, oil and gas exploration, and wind power development, it appears that collisions with barbed wire fences, used primarily to facilitate grazing, can be a significant source of mortality.

# ABC News Reports on Dangers to Birds Posed by Wind Power Thu Nov 19 14:15:35 2009
As wind energy production grows, efforts to mitigate the impacts to birds and other wildlife are receiving greater attention. ABC’s Channel 7 in San Francisco reports that Altamont Pass wind farm has been responsible for thousands of raptor deaths. American Bird Conservancy’s Dr. Michael Fry is interviewed.

# Big Wins for Birds on National Forests Fri Nov 6 14:20:00 2009
A federal judge has struck down the 2008 forest planning regulations that eliminated a key wildlife protection provision known as “viability”. The Wildlife Viability Requirement of the National Forest Management Act of 1976 provides important protection for the hundreds of bird species that inhabit the 193 million-acre U.S. National Forest System.

# Congress Dedicates Critical Funding to Help Hawaiian Species at Epicenter of Global Extinction Crisis Thu Nov 5 13:40:00 2009
Late last week the President signed into law a key appropriations bill that included critically needed funding to address the looming bird extinction crisis in Hawaii. The 2010 Interior, Environmental, and Related Agencies Appropriations Bill (P.L. 111-88) had been passed by Congress and sent to the President with $3 million dedicated for Hawaiian birds.

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