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Welcome to the 63th Aleteo with conservation news from ProAves Colombia
Loro10 years of saving the Yellow-eared Parrot
ProAves reflects on its 10 year campaign with Fundacion Loro Parque and others to save the Critically Endangered Yellow-eared Parrot. Together, conservation efforts have directly involved over 180 people and we are delighted to report the strong recovery of the Yellow-eared Parrot from 81 individuals in 1999 to over 1000 individuals confirmed in 2009. Read more…
EscudoYellow-eared Parrot added to municipality shield
Thanks to our conservation work in the town of Jardín, Department of Antioquia, the Yellow-eared Parrot has been named as the municipality’s official bird. The community of Jardín have also changed their shield to add the parrot.
Read more…
DN MagazineRanita Dorada Amphibian Reserve in DN Magazine
The Dutch DN Magazine, specialized in the publication of Poison-dart frog articles, published an extensive article and video of the ProAves Ranita Dorada Amphibian Nature Reserve – the world’s first protected area established to save critically endangered amphibians. Read more…
BDProAves bird database exceeds 270,000 records
With seven years of targeted bird research and monitoring across a strategic network of research stations and protected areas in Colombia, we have established a database of over 270,000 bird records that is assisting bird conservation activities. Read more…
CVSConservation strategy for parrots in Córdoba Department
Through an inter-agency collaboration between ProAves and the Corporación Autonama Regional de los Valles del Sinú y San Jorge (CVS), we are formulating a conservation strategy for parrots in Córdoba Department in NW Colombia. This regions holds perhaps the rarest parrot on the planet – the Sinú Parakeet that sadly may already be extinct. Read more…

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