Lark Sparrow – I like these little guys

The obvious charisma of Painted Buntings and Scissor-tailed Flycatcher notwithstanding, I’ve also enjoyed getting to know the Lark Sparrow here in Oklahoma. These are common summer residents in central OK, but they’re easy to overlook as an lbj (“little brown job”) unless you take a moment to really look at them. When you do, you might be struck by their lovely chestnut head pattern or the stickpin they wear on the breast. I’m impressed, though, by their energy.

Lark Sparrows seem immune to the heat. Along the dustiest roads and the loneliest pastures, you’ll find them in the middle of the day, running hither and thither like tiny roadrunners chasing down insects. These photos are hardly great images of the species, but they do illustrate the jaunty activity of these neat little birds.

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