Steaming piles of dung

I hesitate to provide a link to creationist nonsense, but sometimes it’s helpful to illustrate just what we’re up against in The Enlightenment 2.0.

Case in point, check out this Jack Chick cartoon on the danger of teaching evolution.

Looks like strawman argumentation is alive and well with Mr. Chick. I like the way “evolution” is represented as a book in which Darwin wields a spear against an apparent Tyrannosaur. There’s also the natural progression that seems universal among creationists that if you “believe” in evolution you must be a Nazi. Don’t forget the insinuation that no one can have any morals without god. (Yep, it’s the threat of eternal hellfire that keeps me every day from punching random people, stealing, and molesting children – otherwise, I’d be all over that stuff!)

But I think my favorite line comes from god himself, when he condemns the little boy to death: “Cathy told you that I died for you, but you rejected me!”

Well there you go. Nevermind the thousands of scientists who invest decades’-long careers in studies to help us understand the natural world. Nevermind the teachers and textbooks and everything we can experience for ourselves to be true. If “Cathy” tells you something different, she’s the one you must believe or face an eternity in hell.

I wonder what Mr. Chick would think if his “Cathy” was named “Fatima” and she said “I heard about Mohammed and what He did for us. I’m so happy!”

Hint: don’t believe anything that a zealous Cathy or Fatima or anybody tells you unless you can empirically demonstrate it yourself. Think for yourself. If you believe in a god that gave you anything, then surely he gave you a brain. Use it, and don’t waste it on creationist drivel. You’re too good for that.

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    From the archives – still relevant as these same stupid attitudes persist.


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