84th Colombian Conservation Update

Welcome to the 84th Aleteo with conservation news from ProAves Colombia

Search for the Lost Amphibians of Colombia
An international expedition in search of amphibians in the Chocó, lead by ProAves, Global Wildlife Conservation, and Conservation International, made several major discoveries including finding three amphibian species considered new to science.
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Oil pipeline theft threatens biodiversity in the Choco
A major Ecopetrol oil pipeline from the Amazon to the Pacific coastal port of Tumaco is being severely damaged as people drill holes into the pipeline to extract and process oil for producing cocaine. The resulting major oil spills run into the El Pangan Reserve to destroy forest and contaminate its once pristine rivers.
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Huge increase in the Yellow-eared Parrot population
The Endangered Yellow-eared Parrot population in Tolima Department has reached historically high population levels with 727 individuals following there most successful breeding season with 291 chicks fledged from 131 nests, thanks to on-going conservation actions.
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Apply now: advanced training course for bird guides
ProAves y EcoTurs invite participates to the 3rd Eco-guide Training Course, specializing in bird guiding. The course will be held in Minca, Santa Marta, from 24-28 November. Read more…
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