ABA Flight Calls #50

ABA Flight Calls #50
February 4, 2012
Right on the heels of Tennessee’s Hooded Crane comes news of a Common Crane in Nebraska, in the center of the state near Grand Island. Though it has previously turned up in the area on migration, this is the state’s first winter record of this handsome Eurasian species. Many Sandhill Cranes breed in Siberia and winter in the southern U.S. and Northern Mexico, creating a plausible explanation for this bird’s appearance. For more information, including directions and updates, click here. Photo at right: Common Crane by © Paul Dunbar
The ABA’s office has just moved to the other side of Colorado Springs, into a much cozier (and more cost-effective) office space in a converted house in the Old Colorado City district at 1618 W. Colorado Ave, Colorado Springs, CO  80904. We welcome visitors—drop by if you’re in town and help us grow the yard list!  For more, click here. Photo below: Communications Director David Hartley, his daughter, and Liz Gordon take a break from moving in on the front porch. © Jeffrey A. Gordon

You can help build a stronger birding community by joining or donating to the ABA: To join the American Birding Association, and/or to subscribe to North American Birds, call LeAnn Pilger at 800-850-2473 ext. 224 or visit: http://www.aba.org/join. To donate to the ABA, call LeAnn Pilger at 800-850-2473 ext. 224 or click here: http://www.aba.org/donate/.
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