ABA Flight Calls #52

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ABA Flight Calls #52
February 24, 2012
We all know that many of our breeding birds retire south for the winter. That is, they undergo a substantial latitudinal migration. Some species, like Tundra Swans, also have a noticeable east-west, or longitudinal, component to their migration. But few birds rival the Northern Wheatear in this regard. Check out this post on the ABA blog for the amazing story of how wheatears that breed in Alaska, and those that breed in northeastern Canada, all spend their winters in tropical Africa. Photo at right: Northern Wheatear by Neal Young used under a Creative Commons license.
If you’ve not yet submitted your list totals and big day reports to the ABA for this year, you have 5 more days to do so. Submission by 29 February 2012 will ensure that your information can be included in the 2011 ABA Big Day & List Report. Submission forms can be found here. Exciting changes are coming in 2012 with how listing data will be tracked and presented!
We’re changing the way we organize and deliver ABA’s online content to our members. These changes will lead to a much more robust, useful membership experience.
As a first step, we’re discontinuing the old online Winging It login information. So the old account, “members,” and password “migr@te,” no longer work.
We encourage all ABA members to sign up for their very own, password-protected online account, which will allow access to not only the current issue of Winging It, but also the last several years of back issues. You’ll also be able to access our new and growing online member directory.
To create your own member account, click here. Please note that to ensure your privacy, we individually verify your information, rather than having an automated system do it. So it may take up to 2 business days for your account to be approved. Once that’s done, you can dive in and start exploring.
You can help build a stronger birding community by joining or donating to the ABA: To join the American Birding Association, and/or to subscribe to North American Birds, call LeAnn Pilger at 800-850-2473 ext. 224 or visit: http://www.aba.org/join. To donate to the ABA, call LeAnn Pilger at 800-850-2473 ext. 224 or click here: http://www.aba.org/donate/.
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