ABA Flight Calls #53

ABA Flight Calls #53
March 1, 2012
We’re now happy to announce that the ABA is hiring a Birding Events Coordinator!
Are you well organized and friendly, with a passion for creating opportunities for birders and birds to interact? Do you have experience in ecotourism, event planning, or a closely related field? Would you like to join a team committed to forging a new era of awesome ABA events? Maybe you’re just the person for the job. Or perhaps you know someone who is. For more information, click here. Photo at right: Birders at ABA’s Half Moon Bay, CA Event in Oct. 2011. © Jeff Gordon.
Birders’ Exchange depends on contributions from birders like you to achieve its goal: promoting bird conservation throughout the Americas. We depend on gifts of money, gently used equipment, and volunteer time to make the program function and we appreciate each one. But every so often, we receive a gift that is truly exceptional and this one certainly qualifies: Field guide guru David Sibley is currently working on a piece of original artwork for auction, the proceeds of which will go directly to Bidrers’ Exchange. The subject of this painting? Click here to find out!
You can help build a stronger birding community by joining or donating to the ABA: To join the American Birding Association, and/or to subscribe to North American Birds, call LeAnn Pilger at 800-850-2473 ext. 224 or visit: http://www.aba.org/join. To donate to the ABA, call LeAnn Pilger at 800-850-2473 ext. 224 or click here: http://www.aba.org/donate/.
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