ABA Flight Calls #55 – Bird of the Year for 2012

ABA Flight Calls #55
March 20, 2012
2011 was the first year of ABA’s Bird of the Year program, a twelve-month effort to both increase visibility of the American Birding Association and to highlight the charms and travails of a single North American bird species. Last year we honored the American Kestrel, a handsome and widespread bird that many of us take for grated but which has, recently, become a species in decline in many places.

For 2012, we’ve chosen the Evening Grosbeak as our totem. There are a lot of wonderful and interesting things to note about this large, yellow finch, including explosive population swings and, oddly for a North American songbird, its penchant for colonial nesting.
But ABA President Jeffrey A. Gordon perhaps best outlines its most winning qualities: “[It is the] embodiment of both the exotic and the familiar; and [it has] great appeal to both neophyte and veteran birders.” To learn more about the Evening Grosbeak, how you can help boost its fortunes and its profile as well as the ABA’s, please take a look at the following links:
1. A humorous, no, downright goofy video unveiling the 2012 Bird of the Year
2. A blog post that tells a bit about the Bird of the Year team and what’s to come
3. The brand new Evening Grosbeak Bird of the Year web site
One of the very simple but effective components of the Bird of the Year program is small stickers, this year featuring gorgeous Evening Grosbeak artwork by Julie Zickefoose, that you can adhere to your binoculars or their rain guard, your spotting scope, or your cell phone. Doing so is an easy way to be identified as an ABA member, and to open conversations with others that just may spark a new convert to our avocation or fan the flames of someone just beginning their birding journey.
If you’re not already a member or your membership has lapsed, join or renew today to recieve the March issue of Birding containing the 2012 Bird of the Year Evening Grosbeak stickers.
You can help build a stronger birding community by joining or donating to the ABA: To join the American Birding Association, and/or to subscribe to North American Birds, call LeAnn Pilger at 800-850-2473 ext. 224 or visit: http://www.aba.org/join. To donate to the ABA, call LeAnn Pilger at 800-850-2473 ext. 224 or click here: http://www.aba.org/donate/.

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