I still miss Memorial Day in Boalsburg, PA.

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Like most folks I imagine, we would pause to reflect a moment on Memorial Day, and then go back to our hot dogs and potato chips. That is, until we moved to Boalsburg, PA – the “Birthplace of Memorial Day“. Boalsburg is a postcard small town nestled between Mt. Nittany to the north and Tussey Mountain to the south. It’s also the home of the Pennsylvania Military Museum, a tribute to hometown heroes from Bunker Hill to Baghdad.

Robert Baumbach photo

Boal Mansion Museum

Memorial Day in Boalsburg cannot be ignored. It could be the bands, the buntings, the speeches, the smiles, the cannons . . . But there you are reminded that idyllic “small town America” comes with a price. A heartfelt “thank you” to the fallen is shared by everyone in Boalsburg, from the most conservative to the most liberal. In Boalsburg, they wipe the…

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