It’s the time of year that folks look for info on Mississippi Kites. Here’s some!

The Waterthrush Blog

For just about the entire month of August, we’ve been treated to the daily routines of a family of Mississippi Kites in our neighborhood. The American kites are small hawks with pointed, falcon-like wings who spend their days engaged in thrilling aerial acrobatics. They feed primarily on large flying insects, and have a particular penchant for swooping down from lofty heights and snatching cicadas from canopy trees. In central Oklahoma, Mississippi Kites are common and conspicuous summer residents (May – September) of forest, field, and town. They are active during the heat of day, when they may glide and soar so high that they appear as tiny specks.

adult kite in flightadult kiteBaby kite

Many years ago, I encountered my first Mississippi Kites in Virginia, right along the North Carolina border southeast from Richmond. It took a serious effort to find them, following verbal instructions left on a birding hotline’s answering machine. I walked down a…

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