A bill to slow the spread of invasive species

Each year, hundreds of millions of non-native wild animals, including constrictors snakes and red lionfish, are imported into the U.S., with no effective way of screening out species that can harm native ecosystems or threaten human health.

The Wildlife Society has been working to encourage Congress to improve the regulation of wildlife imports and reduce the risk of harm to our native wildlife, wild places and human health. Congresswoman Louise Slaughter (NY), co-Chair of the Great Lakes Task Force, recently introduced legislation that would protect the U.S. from the economic and environmental threats of invasive species, called the Invasive Fish and Wildlife Prevention Act of 2012 (HR 5864).

If enacted, this legislation would significantly strengthen the ability of federal regulators to make rapid, science-based decisions on whether non-native fish or wildlife species pose a risk to ecosystems within the U.S. and cause economic damage or threaten public health. Help us ensure that these much needed changes are enacted into law. Ask your representative to co-sponsor HR 5864 today!

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