Birding Community E-Bulletin for July 2012

       July 2012

This Birding Community E-bulletin is being distributed to active and concerned birders, those dedicated to the joys of birding and the protection of birds and their habitats.

This issue is sponsored by the producers of superb quality birding binoculars and scopes, Carl Zeiss Sport Optics:


You can access an archive of past E-bulletins on the website of the National Wildlife Refuge Association (NWRA):


On the morning of 4 June, a Black-tailed Godwit was found by Ron Weeks at Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge on the Texas coast. It was accompanied by two Hudsonian Godwits. For a number of days it was found on a pond on the west side of County Road 227 entering the refuge. Then it was located on the east side of the road, but on some days it was missing entirely. The Black-tailed Godwit was present in the area through June.

This species is a wanderer from the Old World which naturally occurs from Iceland to Russia. It is rare but regular in western Alaska and is casual on the Atlantic coast. Not surprisingly the Asian subspecies is the race expected to occur in western Alaska, and the Icelandic subspecies is the one most likely to appear along the Atlantic coast. Curiously, the Texas bird was said to be of the European “limosa” subspecies. Regardless of the subspecies, this was the first time a Black-tailed Godwit has been found in Texas.

You can view some photos by Martin Reid here:

<> You can also see a news report from Houston’s KHOU 11 News here:–Rare-bird-becomes-Texas-tourist-attraction-158265805.html

<–Rare-bird-becomes-Texas-tourist-attraction-158265805.html> ON THE VALIDITY OF A CUBAN GRASSQUIT

On Saturday, 23 June, a singing male Cuban Grassquit was found at Matheson Hammock County Park just south of Coral Gables, Florida. Because the Cuban Grassquit is endemic to Cuba, this discovery was potentially very significant.

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