One week of birds on the move

I recently discovered a wonderful one-stop shop for links to animated representations of bird migrations on Nexrad radar.  It’s fascinating stuff, and wonderfully compiled on a website produced by Dr. Paul Hurtado at the Ohio State University.

From that website, I downloaded the following 7 snapshots of bird migration across the Lower 48 states during a peak time for bird movements: the week from 14–20 September, 2012.  I took screenshots of radar images between 12:00 and 1:00 am when most birds would be in flight.  The resulting images offer a dramatic look at one of the most amazing wildlife spectacles on the planet, and one of which most people are blissfully unaware.  Their loss, in my estimation:


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2 Responses to One week of birds on the move

  1. Jesse Burton says:

    Amazing! I still remember, as a kid, one of the local weathermen discussing the new radar and how one could see the free-tail bats coming out at night.


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