Waterfowl on the move in Oklahoma . . .

. . . but without much water, some might not stay long.



Waterfowl Report for November 14, 2012

Duck season is currently open statewide.  For zone maps and complete waterfowl hunting regulations log on to wildlifedepartment.com.

Canton – Zone 1: Water level is 8.84 feet below normal. Native vegetation is in good condition, but currently not flooded. Winter wheat around the area is mostly planted and in fair condition. Duck numbers are low. Goose numbers are moderate, mostly resident. Hunting activity was moderate on weekend low on weekdays. Hunting success was fair on ducks and low on geese. The northwest portion of the lake is dry, and the only usable boat ramp is at the Canadian Campground day use area.

Ft. Supply – Zone 1: Water level is 2.55 feet below normal. Habitat conditions are fair, very little native food available around the lake as most of the sloughs are dry. Duck numbers are fair. Goose numbers are good. Hunting activity has been high, especially on weekends. Hunting success has been good on ducks and fair on geese. Bird movement was good over the past weekend. Good numbers of mallards and geese came through, most of the geese are still here, but most of the ducks have moved on. The WMA portion of the lake is currently surrounded by approximately 50 yards or more of open shoreline, most boat ramps are closed, but small boats are still able to access the lake. ***Note waterfowl season is closed during the first nine days of deer gun season (Nov.17-Nov.25) on Fort Supply***

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