American Bird Conservancy Roundtable on Migratory Bird Conservation

Thanks to Steve Holmer for distributing these notes from the recent roundtable discussion on migratory bird conservation, hosted by the American Bird Conservancy.


Notes and Presentations from 2012 ABC Roundtable on Migratory Bird Conservation

Over 150 bird conservationists, scientists, and agency wildlife experts attended the all-day conference Oct. 24 at the Patuxent Wildlife Research Center to discuss strategies to conserve migratory birds. The meeting notes are below and the full agenda, links to presentations, and photos are available at


George Fenwick, President, American Bird Conservancy
Claude Gascon, Executive Vice President, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation
Brad Bortner, Chief, Division of Migratory Bird Management, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Peter Marra, Research Scientist, Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center, Life Cycle Conservation
Mike Parr, Vice President for Planning and Program Development, American Bird Conservancy
Conserving Subspecies of Migratory Birds
Andrew Rothman, Migratory Bird Program Director, American Bird Conservancy, Next Steps in Migratory Bird Conservation

Protecting Threatened Habitats and Priority Species: A Life-Cycle Conservation Case Study from the Chihuahuan Desert Grasslands.

Arvind Panjabi, International Program Director, Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory
Mauricio De La Maza, Director of Conservation, Pronatura Northeast
Andrew Rothman, Migratory Bird Program Director, American Bird Conservancy

Breakout Sessions 1:
1.     What Limits Populations of Migratory Birds – A Life Cycle Analysis

Moderator: George Wallace, ABC
Panelists: Peter Marra, Research Scientist, Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center
Rosa Maria Vidal Rodriguez, Director, Pro Natura Sur
Pablo Elizondo, Executive Director, Costa Rica Bird Observatories

This was a well-attended session with about 60 people present, although I never counted. It was full with people standing. It came right on the heels of Pete Marra’s plenary talk so people were well primed for the topic. Because he had just spoke, Pete did not give intro remarks, but Rosa and Pablo each spoke for a few minutes. Rosa’s key point was that there is a disconnect between Latin America and the US in terms of how threatened or not threatened members of the public perceive migratory birds to be. We see declining populations and species of concern, but when they are concentrated on their wintering grounds, people perceive migrants as common.

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