2013 ABA Bird of the Year: Common Nighthawk

The 2013 ABA Bird of the Year is……  Common Nighthawk!

This sickle-winged aerialist, who is by turns both bold and retiring, and whose life history spans not only continents, but day and night, is one of North America’s most fascinating birds. There are few among us for whom the peent! of a Common Nighthawk doesn’t immediately evoke summer nights in the backyard or at the ballpark, or doesn’t have us craning our necks skyward for a glimpse of white patches on dark, sinuous wings.

Common Nighthawks are easy to find during daylight hours in Oklahoma pastures.

Common Nighthawks are easy to find during daylight hours in Oklahoma pastures.

Any bird that can make a nest out of a cowpie is A-OK in my book!

Any bird that can make a nest out of a cowpie is A-OK in my book!

As Jeff Gordon writes on the Bird of the Year homepage, “The  range of dualities they encapsulate makes nighthawks, I believe, an ideal bridge between the “surface” attraction of the birds that  nearly everyone rightly knows and holds dear–the robins and the geese and the doves–and that weirder, richer mosaic that has captured the hearts and mind and imaginations of those of us who bird.”

The Common Nighthawk, as depicted above by Montana artist Andrew Guttenburg, will grace the cover of the January 2013 edition of Birding magazine, where you can also find a pair of stickers featuring our newest BOY. We hope that you will proudly display those stickers on your optics as we celebrate the year of the Common Nighthawk!  If you haven’t seen Robert Mortensen’s hilarious introductory video, click here to view. It’s a hoot!

We want your Big Years!

Are you doing a Big Year in 2013? Whether it’s for a state, county, province, parish, or the entire ABA Area, we want to know about it! As the ABA makes final preparations for the launch of its brand new online and interactive version of the Big Day and List Report, we’d love to be able to follow the thrills and spills of your Big Year as it happens.

So if you’re going Big in 2013, let us know at listing@aba.org.

Come see the ABA at Space Coast!

There are few places in the ABA area more inviting than the Atlantic Coast of Florida in the month of January, and the ABA is excited to be having a presence at the upcoming Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival in Titusville, Florida, from January 23 through 28, 2013.

Situated at the gateway to the famous Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, the Space Coast festival offers phenomenal birding for every interest and skill level. You can gawk at Florida’s accommodating wading birds, take in the endemic Florida Scrub-Jay, or head to the beach to sift through the impressive diversity of gulls that turn up on Cape Canaveral every year. Space Coast always attracts an impressive array of trip leaders, which this year includes the ABA’s own President Jeff Gordon, #ABArare guru John Puschock, and ABA Blog Manager Nate Swick

We hope to meet face to face with lots of of ABA members while we’re down there, so if you’re planning on attending, make sure to stop by our booth at the trade show and say hi!

The American Birding Association is proud to be a Panther level sponsor for the 2013 Space Coast Birding & Wildlife Festival.

Come relax, chat, and pick up some cool logo wear at the ABA Lounge during the Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival.
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