Audubon Convention 2013

Dear Audubon Chapter Leaders,

Happy “Year of the Audubon Convention”! There’s a lot of planning underway for the summer’s big event and I’d like to share a quick update and some key dates.

As a reminder, the gathering will take place July 12-16, 2013 at Skamania Lodge, 45 minutes east of Portland, Oregon, near Stevenson, Washington in the spectacular Columbia River Gorge. Come celebrate the Audubon network and share your energy and passion for conserving birds throughout the flyways with leaders from across the country!

Take a Peek – Website Unveiled Soon
The official convention web site will open in early February, chock full of information about workshops and field trips, schedules, speakers, entertainment and local birds. In the meantime, you can find essential details at

Join the Flock – Attend the Convention
All chapter leaders are strongly encouraged to consider attending the convention, as program providers and as participants. Online early bird registration will open February 11 and we will send the registration link well in advance. The registration fee will be $300/person and includes entry to weekend program sessions along with lunches, dinners and snacks from lunch on Friday through lunch on Monday, except for dinner on Sunday.

Spread Your Wings – Field Trips and Workshops
Friday and Monday of the convention weekend will feature exciting field trips and full/half day workshops. A detailed list will be included with registration. There will be an additional charge for field trips; most full and half day workshops will be offered at no cost to registrants.

Give a Hoot – Program Sessions
Program sessions on Saturday and Sunday highlight conservation successes, provide opportunities to explore common challenges and creative solutions, and share new tools and resources.  If you have an idea for a 90 minute program session, please submit the attached RFP by February 15 to The convention program committee will consider all submissions, seeking a diverse and balanced set of offerings for the final program. Your creative suggestions are welcome!

Feather Your Nest – Lodging
You will need to register for housing directly with one of three convention hotels; they will begin accepting convention reservations on February 11. Each convention hotel offers complimentary breakfast. You will be able to view all hotel details on the Web site in advance of registration opening. Complimentary shuttles will be available between hotels and the convention location throughout the convention period. For budgeting purposes: shared rooms (two double beds) are available for $125-$145/night while a single room will be $125-$135/night. Additional housing options (including cabins and camping) are available nearby and we will provide details about those alternatives as well.

Prepare to Soar – Travel and Transportation
The closest airport to Skamania is Portland International Airport. Regular shuttles between the airport and convention hotels will be provided at no charge from Thursday afternoon through Tuesday morning. To help your travel plans, a schedule of airport and hotel shuttles will be available on the convention website.  Driving directions will also be posted.

Recap of Key Dates:
February 11 – Registration opens
February 15 – Program RFP’s due

If you would like to receive regular communications about the convention, just send your email address and full name to Please direct any questions to that address as well.

Thank you very much,

Lynn Tennefoss
VP State Programs and Chapter Services
Audubon Chapter Services

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