ABA Young Birder’s Camp – 2013

2013 ABA Young Birder Camps, including the new Camp Avocet!

The American Birding Association is pleased to announce its 2013 Young Birder Summer Camps: Camp Colorado and Camp Avocet.

Camp Colorado, running from July 21-27, will be held once again in Estes Park, Colorado, bordering majestic Rocky Mountain National Park.Campers will find plenty of opportunities to hone their birding skills, meet other young people with similar interests, explore careers in birding and ornithology, and, of course, learn about the bird life and natural history of northern Colorado.

The ABA’s newest camp, Camp Avocet, running August 11-17, will be held at beautiful Cape Henlopen State Park in Lewes, Delaware, within easy reach of two National Wildlife Refuges as well as the northernmost cypress swamp in North America.Migrating shorebirds will be a main study and focus for this camp, but, due to the grand diversity of southern Delaware’s bird-rich habitats, more than 150 species of birds will be seen and studied during this seven-day camp extravaganza!

As always, both ABA Camps will be staffed by skilled adult birders who have years of experience educating younger birders.Our camper-to-teacher ratio will be approximately 3-to-1, with guest instructors contributing their unique talents each day. For complete details, information and registration, please contact Bill Stewart.

Scholarships are made possible in part through Leica Sport Optics, Legacy Sponsor of ABA’s Young Birder Programs. Additional scholarship support has been provided by the DuPont Company and the Richard E. Andrews Memorial Scholarship. These scholarships are available to young birders aged 13-18 interested in attending either ABA Camp.

Check out the Lister’s Corner!

Birders continue to enthusiastically sign up and sign on to the ABA’s new Listing Central, our 21st-century answer to the venerable ABA Big Day & ABA List Report. The centerpiece of the site is undoubtedly the list of lists, but we’d love to draw your attention to some of the other attributes of Listing Central, advantages that take full advantage of the leap to the digital realm.

Be sure to check out the Listing Central Forum, where you can weigh in on topics as diverse as the current state of bird taxonomy and the responsibilities of the ABA Recording Standards and Ethics Committee (i.e. the “Can I Count It?” discussion). You can also get and share information from ABA members on how to find target birds in hotspots from Arizona to Atlantic Canada.

And while you’re checking out Listing Central, don’t miss Lister’s Corner, a new blog focusing on the efforts of Big Year and Big Day birders across the continent.Think of this like the Big Day report section of the old paper magazine except instead of waiting 12 months to read the results of a record-breaking day you’ll be able to see it more or less immediately. Plus, birders tackling traditional and non-traditional Big Years in 2013 (and some from 2012) will be posting on their progress. For instance, right now you can go read Jen Brumfield’s first of four posts about crushing the Cayahuga County, Ohio, Big Year record in 2012. It’ll change the way you think about birding urban counties.

On that front, if you are a birder doing a Big Year or attempting to break a Big Day record in 2013, be it the ABA Area or your local patch, WE WANT TO KNOW ABOUT IT! Please get in touch with us. If you’d be willing to keep us updated periodically with your Big Year progress, we’d even love to include your voice at Lister’s Corner.

So please come and test drive Listing Central. We think you’ll like what you see.

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