ABA Flight Calls #79

Birders’ Exchange Heroes from Patagonia!

Birders’ Exchange(BEX) is excited to share some reports from the Patagonia region of Argentina, where three conservationists have been doing phenomenal work thanks in large part to donations of optics and equipment by ABA members.

At left in this image, Dr. Christopher Anderson displays BEX donations that go to assist his work with the Omora Sub-Antarctic Research Alliance. Pictured at center is Diego Punta Fernandez, whose magnificent photos of Hooded Grebes assisted David Sibley in the creation of his painting recently auctioned off in a fundraiser for BEX. And at far right, we have Carol Passera Mackie and Ricardo Matus. Carol lived in the Punta Tombo Penguin colony with her family for three years while doing research on Magellanic Penguins, while Ricardo, here with his BEX-donated scope, continues his many years of bird conservation initiatives, particularly his work with the endangered Ruddy-headed Goose. It is an honor for BEX to be able to help the many people south of our border saving our birds and theirs!

We want your Nighthawks!

By now members have received their January/February 2013 issue of Birding magazine, featuring the 2013 Bird of the Year stickers. Andrew Guttenberg’s Common Nighthawk profile makes for a fantastic icon and we’re looking forward to seeing it on optics, cell phones, computers, or any other dry, smooth surface ABA members can think of.

In fact, we’d love to see where you’ve put your sticker. Take a photo and send it to boy@aba.org and if we get enough, we’ll add a special gallery to the Bird of the Year page. So let’s see those nighthawks. Remember, there’s no better field mark for an ABA member.

And be sure to check out ABA President Jeffrey A. Gordon’s video interview with Andrew on the ABA Blog.

Rally in Albuquerque a Huge Success; Get Set for San Diego!

The ABA’s sold-out rally in Albuquerque, New Mexico, last week was, by all accounts, a ton of fun. The 59 participants got to spend time birding and socializing with each other and with 14 trip leaders consisting of ABA staff and local experts. It was especially gratifying to be welcomed by and to have so much involvement from the Albuquerque-area birding community.

Trip leader Bill Schmoker shared some of his highlights on the ABA Blog, and there will be more to come as photos and stories are processed and published.

Registration for our next ABA Rally opens this Friday, March 1. It will be in San Diego, California, from October 12-16, 2013, and is sure to be another great opportunity to enjoy the ABA in action and in the field. Contact Nancy Hawley (nhawley@aba.org; 800-850-2473, ext. 234) for more information on San Diego registration, and keep up with all our upcoming ABA Rallies, IFOs, and other ABA events by visiting the calendar on the ABA Events website!  We hope to see you soon!

Group on Sandia Crest Field Trip during Albuquerque Rally.
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