Here’s an update from March 2013. I had occasion this past week to be home and surrounded by family, including my cousin Laurie who claims to be an avid reader at eatmorecookies! My Uncle Elmer is a bit slower and hunched over than I remember, but he’s still going at 98. It was great to spend some time with him and his brother-in-law – my Uncle Freddy – who I think they said was 96. What an amazing duo!

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I heard from the folks back home that they attended my Great Aunt Jenny’s 80th birthday party on Saturday in Utica, NY.

The big hit of the party, however, was not Jenny but her older brother, 13 years her senior. That’s right, my dear old Uncle Elmer is still going strong at 93.

Elmer and his older brother – my grandfather Orlando Caniato, known to his pals as “Lindy”, started their own trucking business (Elmer’s Express) back in the day, I think some time in the 1930s. I never knew much about what they did or where they went or anything like that. I think they had a route that took goods from Utica up north through the Adirondacks. My grandfather was kind a gruff Italian guy, and he died young at 72 – smoked Camels his whole life – before I was really mature enough to learn and…

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