ABA Flight Calls #81: the 2013 Young Birders of the Year

2013 ABA Young Birders of the Year Announced!

           ABA’s 2013 Young Birders of the Year!: Ioana Seritan, 14-18 age group, and Eric Hughes, 10-13 age group.

Over the last several months, a host of inspirational young birders have been hard at work participating in the six modules of the American Birding Association’s annual Young Birder of the Year contest. Those six modules test the participants in a host of birding skills, from field notes to photography to community action, all judged by a veritable Who’s Who of the birding community willing to volunteer their time to offer tips and support for participants.  

ABA President Jeffrey A. Gordon and Young Birder Contest Coordinator Bill Stewart had the distinct honor of calling Ioana Seritan, 16, of Davis, California, and Eric Hughes, 13, of Pottstown , Pennsylvania, and sharing the exciting news that their work had been judged the very best of a very high quality field. We’re excited to have them carry the torch for the ABA’s Young Birder programs this year.  

Winning contestants receive prizes donated from several birding-related businesses and organizations, with Ioana and Eric, as the top finishers in each age group, winning a pair of Leica Trinovid binoculars. Congratulations to everyone who participated in this prestigious competition.

You can see a list of all of the module winners at The Eyrie, the ABA’s young birder blog. In fact, please go over there, as there is some great stuff from our two winners already published.

In the coming week, stay tuned to the Eyrie to see additional excerpts from the winning entries, interviews with the winners, and more.

For more information about this year’s contest or the 2014 YBY Contest, contact the American Birding Association headquarters at (800) 850-2473 or (719) 578-9703, e-mail bstewart@aba.org, or look for contest details online at http://www.aba.org/yby.

Spots still available for San Diego Rally!

There are still spots available for the ABA’s rally in San Diego in October.

                                              Sunset at Loma Point, San Diego CA ~~ photo by Bill Schmoker

Join George Armistead, Gary Nunn, Jeff and Liz Gordon, John Puschock, Forrest Rowland, and other ABA staff as we search for regional endemics and seabirds. With an extension to the Salton Sea, we’ll see a great array of habitats and birding sites.

Registration for this event is available here. We’d love to have you join us!

For information on upcoming ABA events, IFOs, and rallies, please see our comprehensive events page.  

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