Audubon Advisory newsletter – #5, May 2013

Lead article in this month’s Audubon Advisory newsletter:

Good News for Louisiana Birds and Habitat
Last week, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal announced that BP had agreed to fund $320 million in restoration projects for Louisiana. This investment is part of the $1 billion that BP agreed to invest for early restoration of damaged natural resources resulting from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

This block of funding represents the largest single component of restoration projects across the Gulf that BP has approved to date, and is long overdue. Before last week’s announcement, BP had only approved 10 projects representing around $70 million of the $1 billion down payment agreed to back in April of 2011.

The four barrier island projects slated for restoration are some of the most significantly harmed areas as a result of the BP oil spill. An estimated 60 percent or more of injured, oiled, and killed birds, mammals, fish, and other wildlife found were off Louisiana’s shore. In total, these projects will create thousands of acres of dune and marsh, and restore miles of Louisiana’s eroded barrier island beaches. These islands provide key habitat for many species of birds and fish, and are the first line of defense against storm surge.

Audubon Louisiana worked hard to make sure the appropriate areas were targeted for restoration, and we’ll be working in the months and years to come to make sure the projects are done in ways that best support the birds that depend on them and protect the communities beyond.

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