OSNA Update – Changes for The Auk and The Condor

To All OSNA Society Members:

AOU/COS Meeting Deadlines
Don’t miss these deadlines for the AOU-COS 2013 Chicago meeting: Poster abstracts are due by 10 May (noon CDT) and early registration ends on 2 June. For more information visit http://fieldmuseum.org/explore/aoucos-2013/american-ornithologists%E2%80%99-unioncooper-ornithological-society-2013

Update on Changes to publication of Auk and Condor
The AOU and COS are proceeding with plans for the new publication model for Auk and Condor that was described by the presidents of the AOU and COS, Sue Haig and Kim Sullivan, in December 2012. The changes that have been adopted will assure that the long-standing reputations of Auk and Condor as outstanding ornithological journals will continue in the future. Important updates are:

We are recruiting the Managing Editor of the Central Ornithology Publication Office. Position descriptions can be viewed on the OSNA Jobs board https://www.osnabirds.org/Jobs.aspx and the Ornithology Exchange http://ornithologyexchange.org/jobs/index.html/_/non-academic-positions/. The deadline for applications is May 15, 2013.

Auk and Condor will continue to be published in partnership with University of California Press through December 2013. Continue to submit your manuscripts to Auk and Condor through the Scholar One portal for each journal. All manuscripts submitted through Scholar One will be reviewed and considered for publication in Auk or Condor. Manuscripts submitted through Scholar One will be transitioned automatically to consideration for the 2014 volumes as soon as the 2013 volumes are full. We will keep in close communication with authors during this transition period.

Beginning in 2014, Auk: Ornithological Advances and Condor: Ornithological Applications, will be published by the societies, as primarily online publications with weekly posting of articles. This format will allow rapid publication and enhanced exposure of our scholarship. The journals will continue to participate in the citation services (such as ISI, Biosis) that they have in the past.

Auk and Condor will continue to be available online to members and institutions through BioOne (2000-current), JSTOR (1800s-current) and SORA (1800s-2000). Additional online platforms may be available in 2014. Print subscriptions will be available to institutions and regular members for an extra charge. Life Members will have the option of receiving their journals online only or online + print at no extra charge.

If you have questions, please contact the editors of Auk and Condor, or Bonnie Bowen (EM: ornithpubs2013@gmail.com).

For questions or comments about your OSNA society membership, please contact business@osnabirds.org.

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