In the latest Journal of Wildlife Management

The newest issue of The Journal of Wildlife Management is now available,
Volume 77, Issue 4, May 2012.

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Harvest mortality in North American mallards: A reply to Sedinger and Herzog
Hannu Pöysä, Lisa Dessborn, Johan Elmberg, Gunnar Gunnarsson, Petri Nummi, Kjell Sjöberg, Sari Suhonen and Pär Söderquist
Management and Conservation
Invasive bullfrog larvae lack developmental plasticity to changing hydroperiod
Megan T. Cook, Selina S. Heppell and Tiffany S. Garcia
Response of breeding duck pairs to predator reduction in North Dakota
Matthew R. Pieron, Frank C. Rohwer, Michael J. Chamberlain, Michael D. Kaller and Joseph Lancaster
Relationship between wildfire, salvage logging, and occupancy of nesting territories by northern spotted owls
Darren A. Clark, Robert G. Anthony and Lawrence S. Andrews
Efficacy of voluntary mitigation in reducing harbor seal disturbance
Anne Hoover-Miller, Amanda Bishop, Jill Prewitt, Suzanne Conlon, Caroline Jezierski and Peter Armato
Survival of Barrow’s goldeneyes during remigial molt and fall staging
Danica Hogan, Jonathan E. Thompson and Daniel Esler
Resource selection by Indiana bats during the maternity season
Kathryn M. Womack, Sybill K. Amelon and Frank R. Thompson III
Multi-region response to conservation buffers targeted for northern bobwhite
Kristine O. Evans, L. Wes Burger Jr., Cornelia S. Oedekoven, Mark D. Smith, Samuel K. Riffell, James A. Martin and Stephen T. Buckland
Achieving landscape-scale deer management for biodiversity conservation: The need to consider sources and sinks
Kristin Wäber, Jonathan Spencer and Paul M. Dolman
Fire mediated patterns of population densities in mountain big sagebrush bird communities
Aaron L. Holmes and W. Douglas Robinson
Habitat Relations
Marten space use and habitat selection in managed coniferous boreal forests of eastern Canada
Marianne Cheveau, Louis Imbeau, Pierre Drapeau and Louis Belanger
Habitat selection in translocated gregarious ungulate species: An interplay between sociality and ecological requirements
Laura Scillitani, Gaëlle Darmon, Andrea Monaco, Giampaolo Cocca, Enrico Sturaro, Luca Rossi and Maurizio Ramanzin
Persistence of tree cavities used by cavity-nesting vertebrates declines in harvested forests
Amanda B. Edworthy and Kathy Martin
Habitat used by common and king eiders in spring in the southeast Beaufort Sea and overlap with resource exploration
D. Lynne Dickson and Paul A. Smith
Spatial heterogeneity in habitat selection: Nest site selection by greater prairie-chickens
Lance B. Mcnew, Andrew J. Gregory and Brett K. Sandercock
Population Ecology
Survival of resident and translocated greater sage-grouse in Strawberry Valley, Utah: A 13-year study
Rick J. Baxter, Randy T. Larsen and Jerran T. Flinders
Bear historical ranges revisited: Documenting the increase of a once-extirpated population in Nevada
Carl W. Lackey, Jon P. Beckmann and James Sedinger
Analysis of regional species distribution models based on radio-telemetry datasets from multiple small-scale studies
Mindy B. Rice, Anthony D. Apa, Michael L. Phillips, James H. Gammonley, Bradford B. Petch and Karin Eichhoff
Moose calf mortality in central Ontario, Canada
Brent R. Patterson, John F. Benson, Kevin R. Middel, Kenneth J. Mills, Andrew Silver and Martyn E. Obbard
Effects of environmental stressors on nest success of introduced birds
Richard S. King, Justin J. Trutwin, Travis S. Hunter and Dana M. Varner
Genetic diversity and population structure in urban white-tailed deer
Julie A. Blanchong, Anna Bess Sorin and Kim T. Scribner
Human Dimensions
Building tolerance for bears: A communications experiment
Kristina Slagle, Ryan Zajac, Jeremy Bruskotter, Robyn Wilson and Suzie Prange
Information Access
Books and literature
Carla G. Heister

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