ABA Flight Calls for July 2013

American Birding Association

May/June Birding Online!

We at the ABA are pleased that Birding magazine continues to expand online. Of course, we continue to deliver full-color print content with popular regular columns and in-depth feature articles. But we want to make sure you’re not missing out on all the great online material, including exclusive members-only content.

At left, Corinne Wren La Puma enjoys the most recent issue of Birding magazine.

Please visit and bookmark this site: aba.org/birding

The content for the most-recent issue appears at the top of the screen. Scroll down for older issues, or navigate with the “Select an issue…” bar at the upper right.

Exclusive members-only content in the May/June 2013 Birding includes Bill Pranty’s compendium of original articles on Florida’s Purple Swamphens and Amy Davis’s summary of North American rarities from April 2013.

 We’re especially pleased that some content for the July/August 2013 Birding is already appearing online. Amy Davis’s May 2013 “Sightings” (pp. 22–25, 62 in the July/August Birding) has been posted, and her June 2013 “Sightings (pp. 69–74, July/August Birding) will soon be available. Also available online right now are book reviews in the July/August issue. Frederick R. Davis’s review of a new Robert Ridgway biography (July/August Birding, p. 65) was posted yesterday, with reviews by Birding stalwarts Eric Salzman and Rick Wright to follow.

 Please note that online Birding content is increasingly for members only. If you’re having trouble getting a password or getting logged in, please contact LeAnn Pilger, at lpilger@aba.org or by telephone (719-578-9703, ext. 224).

 Finally, we truly intend for our online content—and indeed for the entire ABA membership experience—to be interactive. Check out ABA President Jeffrey A. Gordon’s invitation to discuss Birding and the rest of our family of ABA publications.



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