ABA Flight Calls #90

July/August Birding Online content Arriving!

The July/August issue of Birding should be heading to your mailbox in the next two weeks, but the online supplemental component is starting to show up at the ABA’s website right now.

Amy Davis’s superb Sightings column, rounding up the recent notable bird sightings from across the ABA Area, is up to date through May and June of this year. In addition, answers and analysis of the redpoll quiz from the last issue are available, so check it out to see how well you did. And all three of the July/August book reviews have been posted.

Keep an eye on the ABA Blog and the Birding Online homepage for more content as it is launched. And keep an eye on your mailbox for your print copy of Birding, with feature articles on everything from rise of birding in China to long-term changes in the birdlife of California.

Online Membership Directory Request!

Remember when you used to get a form in the mail to update your information to share with other ABA members? Then, a few months later, there would be something in your mail…often with already outdated information?

Well, it is time to fill in that form again! But, this time, you will get instant gratification. You can update it whenever you want! The ABA’s membership directory, now entirely online, is the best way to find and contact birders from across the ABA Area and all over the world. In order for the service to be as effective as it can be, we need ABA members, we need you, to visit the site and update your information.

The ABA Membership Directory is where you get the word out. Are you willing to guide other birders in your area? Want a fee? Let them know! You are in control of what your fellow members see.

If you’re an ABA member, we already have your address, but we’d love to have your phone number and updated email as well. You can also go here to update any changes, anytime. Day or night.

ABA members are fond of using the directory to find local guides, contact members willing to provide information, and update contact information following a move. But we can’t do it justice without your help.

Please help us fill in the blanks in our Membership Directory. Connect with your fellow birders with always up-to-the-minute correct information. We know how much this directory means to us all. It was an amazing tool then, and it can be even more amazing now.
Announcement of Annual Meeting 2013

The Annual Meeting of ABA will be held Saturday, 12 October 2013 at 3:00 p.m. at the Bahia Resort Hotel, 998 West Mission Bay Drive, San Diego, California, 92109, and at any adjourned meeting thereof, as follows:

1 – The election of directors.

2 – For such other matters as may properly come before the meeting or any adjournments thereof
Only members who are in good standing as of 12 October 2013 will be entitled to vote at this meeting. If you do not expect to attend the meeting in person, please complete the proxy ballot that all eligible members will receive in the mail, affix proper postage, and mail to 1618 West Colorado Avenue, Colorado Springs, CO 80904. Unless otherwise directed by you, your proxy will be voted for all nominated directors.

You will receive the official Notice of the meeting at a later date in accordance with our by-laws.

NOTE: The annual meeting is being held this year in conjunction with our San Diego Rally. For more information on how to join that event,click here.
American Birding Association, Inc.
1618 W. Colorado  Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80904
Phone: (800) 850-2473  |  Fax: (719) 578-1480  |  Email: nhawley@aba.org

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