ABA Flight Calls

The ABA’s brand new quarterly publication, Birder’s Guide, should be in the hands of most of our members by now. The first issue, focusing on travel, offers birders a wide variety of inside information on topics as diverse as packing tips for a birding vacation to enjoying the birding opportunities in New Brunswick, Colombia, or Louisiana.

Only ABA members are mailed printed copies of this new magazine, but it’s a publication that is designed to be shared, specifically with the goal of introducing not-yet-members to the ABA. The entire magazine is available for FREE online at the ABA’s website. You can download it, print it out, or simply browse the entire issue online. Send the link on to any birder who might enjoy it. We’d love it if you’d spread the word!

While you’re perusing the Birder’s Guide to Travel, make sure you check out the Louisiana article beginning on page 10 for info on the ABA’s newest bird-finding guide book, A Birder’s Guide to Louisiana. And get this! You can get a full electronic copy for FREE online thanks to the generous support of the Atchafalaya National Heritage Area. Find more details in the sidebar on page 20. If you’d like a hard copy as well, we’ve got you covered! Those are available for purchase from our partners at Buteo Books.

In addition to these exciting new publications, we’d like to turn your attention to the online supplemental content for this first issue of the Birder’s Guide to Travel.

Editor Michael Retter is interested in hearing what you have to say about the magazine, and he’s started a conversation at the ABA Blog that he hopes you’ll join. Did you enjoy this inaugural issue focusing on travel? What topics do you think we should feature in the future? We want to know!

It’s no secret that birders love to travel. Alan Knue’s Packing 411 article shares several insights from his wealth of experience seeking out birds in far-flung locales, but everyone has tips and tricks that work for them. Share them at the ABA Blog!

Asian birds are bizarre, diverse, and fantastic. Susan Meyers has spent a lot of time on the largest continent, and shares her Top 20 Asian Birds in the Birder’s Guide to Travel. Did she leave any out? Join the conversation at the ABA Blog!

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