ABA Flight Calls #96

Donate to the ABA,
Win Binoculars from Eagle Optics!

In the market for some new birding optics this holiday season? Help the ABA, and maybe we can help you out too!

Thanks to a generous donation from our friends at Eagle Optics, the ABA is hosting two raffles as part of our year-end fundraising appeal. Donate to the ABA by December 20th, and you’ll be entered into a drawing to win a pair of Eagle Optics Ranger ED 8×32 binoculars!

Once we give that pair away, we’ll host another drawing for those who donate between December 21st and December 31st. So that’s two chances to win!

Don’t worry if you’ve already donated (thank you, by the way!), you are automatically entered into the first drawing. And because we’re a 501 (c)(3) organization, your donations are 100% tax deductible.

So in addition to all the free online content, in addition to the great support for young birders, in addition to the community building and the advocacy and the publications, we’re now helping you get a chance to get great piece of glass from Eagle Optics in your hands for the cost of one donation to the ABA.

At the ABA we’re proud of the fact that we make birding better, let us help make the experience better for two lucky birders. Make a gift today!

Join us in Texas for the return of ABA Conventions!

ABA conventions are back and we’re making them better than ever!

Join us in Corpus Christi, Texas, next spring for a wonderful time featuring ABA Staff along with a host of great leaders and speakers. We’ll bird the Texas coast seeking out Texas specialties and taking in the spectacular spring migration by day, and enjoy fascinating talks from renowned experts in the evening.

We’ll look for sharp little Snowy Plovers on the barrier islands near Corpus Christi
We’d love for you to join us and several dozen of your fellow ABA members this coming spring. There’s no better place to be in late April than the Texas coast and we’ll be making the most of it!

For more information on this, or any other of the ABA’s scheduled events, please see our events website.

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