Southeastern Naturalist – latest table of contents

Southeastern Naturalist … Volume 12, 2013, Number 4

Chytrid Diversity of Tuscaloosa County, Alabama    666
    William J. Davis, Peter M. Letcher, and Martha J. Powell
Demographic Comparisons Between Reservoir-dwelling and Stream-dwelling Populations of a     684
Threatened Turtle (Sternotherus depressus Tinkle and Webb)
   Sherry R. Melancon, Robert A. Angus, and Ken R. Marion

All Taxa Biodiversity Inventory Survey of Select Soil and Plant Ecological Parameters Associated     703
with Rhododendron Decline in the Great Smoky Mountains and Surrounding Areas
    Richard Baird, Alicia Wood-Jones, Jac Varco, Clarence Watson, William Starrett, Glenn Taylor,
    and Kristine Johnson

Current Distribution, Relative Abundance, and Landscape-Level Habitat Associations of the     723
Cerulean Warbler (Setophaga cerulea) along the Lower Roanoke River in North Carolina
    John P. Carpenter and Jean Richter

Explorations and Bird Collections of Willis W. Worthington in Florida    738
    David W. Johnston    

Activity Patterns of Allegheny Woodrats in Tennessee    748
    Elizabeth A. Stovall and Steven E. Hayslette

Time-activity Budgets of Waterfowl Wintering on Livestock Ponds in Northeast Texas    757
    Corey D. Mason, R. Montague Whiting, Jr., and Warren C. Conway

A Checklist to the Common Cyprinid and Centrarchid Fishes of the Bull and Upatoi Creeks     769
Watershed of Georgia with a Brief Glimpse of Correlative Urban Influences and Land Use
    Samantha L. Martin and William I. Lutterschmidt

Life History of Campostoma oligolepis (Largescale Stoneroller) in Urban and Rural Streams    781
    Eric J. South and William E. Ensign

Coefficient of Conservatism Rankings for the Flora of Georgia: Wetland Indicator Species    790
    Wendy B. Zomlefer, Linda G. Chafin, J. Richard Carter, and David E. Giannasi

Baited Lines: An Active Nondestructive Collection Method for Burrowing Crayfish    809
    Zachary J. Loughman, David A. Foltz II, and  Stuart A. Welsh

Conservation Assessment of the Yazoo Darter (Etheostoma raneyi)    816
    Ken A. Sterling, Melvin L. Warren, Jr., and L. Gayle Henderson

Characterization of Tidally Influenced Wood Stork Foraging Habitats in Georgia    843
    A. Lawrence Bryan, Jr., and Rena R. Borkhataria

The Status of Plethodon ainsworthi Lazell: Extinct, Extant, or Nonexistent?    851
    John G. Himes and David C. Beckett


Predation on a Northern Long-eared Myotis by a Gray Rat Snake    N6
    Brian D. Carver and Anabel E. Lereculeur

Record Total Lengths of the American Alligator in Florida    N9
    Arnold M. Brunell, J. Patrick Delaney, Richard G. Spratt, Dwayne A. Carbonneau, and Jason E. Waller

Chimney Swifts (Chaetura pelagica) Nest in Tree Cavities in Arkansas    N18
    Richard E. Hines1, Troy J. Bader2, and Gary R. Graves

A Paddlefish Entrained by the 2011 Mississippi River Flood: Rescue, Recapture, and Inferred     N26
Swim Speed
    Jan Jeffrey Hoover, Steven G. George, and K. Jack Killgore

Massive Distal Forelimb Fibromyxoma in a Free-ranging American Alligator (Alligator mississippiensis)    N31
    Ruth M. Elsey, Javier G. Nevarez, Jeff Boundy, and Rudy W. Bauer

First Occurrences of Lithasia armigera and Lithasia verrucosa (Gastropoda: Pleuroceridae) in     N35
the Mississippi River
    Jeremy S. Tiemann, William R. Posey, Kevin S. Cummings, Kelly J. Irwin, and Bryan Turner

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