Most-cited articles in Northeastern Naturalist

There is a lot of great work published in regional journals, especially in the realm of basic natural history.  Here’s a recent compilation from the journal Northeastern Naturalist that lists their top 20 most cited articles of the last three years.  A colleague and I made #9!


The following are the 20 Northeastern Naturalist articles that are most often referenced by other scholarly papers over the last 3 years. The citation data is harvested from CrossRef’s Cited-by Linking service, and the list is provided by Indexed in all major databases.
1. Impacts of Garlic Mustard Invasion on a Forest Understory Community
2. Multi-Decadal Changes in Salt Marshes of Cape Cod, MA: Photographic Analyses of Vegetation Loss, Species Shifts, and Geomorphic Change
3. Camera Trapping of Carnivores: Trap Success Among Camera Types and Across Species, and Habitat Selection by Species, on Salt Pond Mountain, Giles County, Virginia
4. Eight-year Record of Hemigrapsus sanguineus (Asian Shore Crab) Invasion in Western Long Island Sound Estuary
5. Genetic Characterization of Eastern “Coyotes” in Eastern Massachusetts
6. Manganese Hyperaccumulation in Phytolacca americana L. from the Southeastern United States
7. Influence of Land Use and Site Characteristics on Invasive Plant Abundance in the Quinebaug Highlands of Southern New England
8. Cyanolichens: Their Response to Pollution and Possible Management Strategies for their Conservation in Northeastern North America
9. Small Mammal Use of Suburban and Urban Parks in Central Pennsylvania
10. Rare Occurrence of a Rhincodon typus (Whale Shark) in the Bay of Fundy, Canada
11. A Vegetation Map for the Catskill Park, NY, Derived from Multi-temporal Landsat Imagery and GIS Data
12. Evaluation and Emergy Analysis of the Cobscook Bay Ecosystem
13. Nickel Hyperaccumulation by Brassicaceae in Serpentine Soils of Albania and Northwestern Greece
14. Effects of Deer Browsing on Native and Non-native Vegetation in a Mixed Oak-Beech Forest on the Atlantic Coastal Plain
15. Seasonal Habitat Use of Brook Trout and Juvenile Atlantic Salmon in a Tributary of Lake Ontario
16. Cyanotoxins in Tidal Waters of Chesapeake Bay
17. Ectoparasites of Small Mammals in Western Iowa
18. Survival and Post-release Movements of River Otters Translocated to Western New York
19. Rhamnus cathartica L. (Common Buckthorn) as an Ecosystem Dominant in Southern Wisconsin Forests
20. Serpentine Revegetation: A Review

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