Aleteo #119 – conservation updates from ProAves, Colombia

Aleteo #119 – conservation updates from ProAves, Colombia

ProAves manages to recover part of the Ñambí River after oil spill
In 2009 the River Ñambí suffered a severe environment blow as a result of the illegal exploitation of oil that took place in the pipeline that runs through the grounds of the El Pangan Reserve. Today, thanks to our complaint, working together with Ecopetrol, the identification of critical areas and the provision of two forest rangers, the recovery of the river and the return of associated species are evident.

ProAvesReserve exempt from tax

The municipality of Jardín, Antioquia, shows its environmental commitment to providing this benefit to the Yellow eared Parrot Bird Reserve. Since 2014 we received this incentive to the conservation and protection of renewable natural resources through unified exemption from property tax

An important example of conservation for the moors of Antioquia
Thanks to the interest and the work of the Environmental Management Board of Urrao, in Antioquia, of which ProAves forms a part, the Municipal Council of the same municipality regulates the entry of visitors to the Paramo del Sol thus contributing to its conservation.

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