The Bugle: World Cup 2014!

I don’t profess to be such a fan of football, or as we Americans call it “soccer”, but few things get me as excited to enjoy any sporting event as much as Andy Zaltzman’s and John Oliver’s World Cup coverage on The Bugle Podcast.  Please enjoy this sublime 5 minutes of World Cup coverage from my favorite podcast:



Right – here we go.  I give you the T-shirt cannon and the jet ski as the most quintessentially American things ever:


Our precious American values, nay our God-given right to fire T-shirt cannons from jet skis, are threatened this day by a European menace bent on destruction via carmelized sugar:


It’s America vs Belgium in the WORLD CUP!


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  1. Reblogged this on The Waterthrush Blog and commented:

    It’s Team USA vs Belgium today. Forecast? Delicious!


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