Christianity is the McDonald’s of worldviews

I was reading this story about science and religion that included a link to this pie chart of world religious affiliation.

The point of Adam Frank’s commentary is to highlight the need to address the “science vs religion” question specifically: which religion under consideration can have important implications for the direction of that conversation. Of course the mere recognition that there is an entirely different worldview presented in Buddhism or Hinduism – and that there are millions upon millions living those faith traditions every day – is precisely the mental kick-in-the-pants that so many raised in the Western traditions could really use. Still, I was surprised to see that Christianity occupied the biggest slice of that pie.

So I looked up some data on the number of franchises of fast food burger joints in the US and made my own pie chart. It confirmed my suspicion: Christianity is to worldview as McDonald’s is to hamburgers.

Screen Shot 2014-07-13 at 9.46.33 PM

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