ABA Flight Calls #116

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In one of the ABA’s most ambitious undertakings ever, the association has partnered with New York–based publisher Scott & Nix, Inc., to produce a series of field identification guides to the birds of the U.S. states.

The initiative is briskly under way, with three titles already released in 2014: The ABA Field Guide to Birds of New Jersey by Rick Wright, The ABA Field Guide to Birds of Colorado by Ted Floyd, and The ABA Field Guide to Birds of Florida by Bill Pranty. These three guides, plus all those to follow, feature the spectacular bird photography of Brian E. Small and other nationally prominent nature photographers.

These State Guides are not bird-finding books per se. Rather, they are full-on, authoritative field guides, written by experts with unsurpassed knowledge of their states’ bird (and birder!) communities. The books are intended for beginning birders, but even experts will appreciate and learn from the authors’ ID tips, in-depth understanding of bird population status, and breadth of knowledge about avian ecology and conservation.

The recently published guides to New Jersey, Colorado, and Florida are just the tip of the iceberg. Scheduled for publication in May 2015 are State Guides to Pennsylvania (George L. Armistead) and California (Alvaro Jaramillo). Those will be followed in October 2015 by State Guides to Texas (Mark Lockwood), New York (Corey Finger), and Massachusetts (Wayne R. Petersen), then in May 2016 by State Guides to Minnesota (Laura Erickson) and Arizona (Rick Wright). Michigan, Ohio, Oregon, Washington, Illinois, and other states are in the planning stage at this time.

Scott & Nix publishes high-quality books, calendars, and posters on natural history, with a special emphasis on ornithology, astronomy, and fly fishing. In partnership with the ABA, the publisher will edit, produce, and market the entire ABA State Guide series. Scott & Nix also oversaw the production of Ted Floyd’s Smithsonian Field Guide to the Birds of North America (Collins, 2008) and numerous titles by David Sibley, including his groundbreaking Sibley Guide to Trees (Knopf, 2009) and acclaimed Sibley Guide to Birds (2nd edition, Knopf, 2014).

All of the State Guides are available through the usual channels: Amazon, the publisher, and Buteo Books–ABA Sales. Please consider buying through Buteo–ABA, as your purchase will directly benefit the ABA. Please also be aware that Scott & Nix and the ABA are partnering with regional booksellers and bird festivals to sell the State Guides—and to promote educational and frequently entertaining public lectures and book discussions by the authors.

Join the ABA in South Dakota or Louisiana!

The ABA is putting the finishing touches on one event and gearing up for another, and we’d love to have you along.

The Bayou Birding & Cajun Cuisine IFO is filling up fast, but we still have a few spots remaining for those birders interested in taking in the spectacle that is birding on the Louisiana coast during the day and filling up with delicious Cajun food in the evenings. You can find more information on that event here.

Also, we’re holding an ABA Birding Rally in Spearfish, South Dakota, June 17-21 2015, exploring the unique and exciting Black Hills region.

Chestnut-collared Longspurs are possible at several birding sites for the Spearfish Rally. We’ll also make an effort to see McCown’s Longspur and Baird’s Sparrow.  The Black Hills of South Dakota and Wyoming are a unique isolated mountain range, federally protected as the Black Hills National Forest. While not huge in stature, these “hills” and their surrounding grassland prairies and winding rivers host a remarkable diversity of North American birds.

Register for the Spearfish rally before December 1 for a $200 discount! After December 1, the price increases.

For more information on the ABA’s events calendar, see our comprehensive website.

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