“Known Biters”

The Waterthrush Blog

For a brief time when we were first married, my wife worked at a daycare center.  She mentioned one evening that some of the kids had “KB” annotated next to their names on some list they used to organize activities, with “KB” shorthand for “known biters.”  Those known biters required just a bit more vigilance to keep in line . . .

In my world, known biters are birds.  Last week, I spent a couple of days mist-netting and banding with my friend Greg, and we got to handle 9 different species. Some birds are a delight to handle when mist-netting and banding.  Some will inflict painful bites. This little photo essay illustrates some known biters doing their best work!

Woodpeckers can, of course, stab rather painfully but their beaks are generally too long to pound the hand that holds them.  Chickadees are a favorite of mine: they have a…

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