Global Biodiversity and our Ecological Footprint

On the theme of Ecological Footprint, I evidently wrote this back in 2008.

The Waterthrush Blog

A new report by the Zoological Society of London (summarized here) confirms what natural history advocates have long suspected: we’re losing species, globally and rapidly.

This new report doesn’t focus so much on extinctions, but on the loss of abundance of species. In the period from 1970 – 2005, overall population declines of terrestrial species (25%), marine species (28%), and freshwater species (29%) point to systemic habitat loss and degradation from human land and water uses.

The report includes a calculation of “ecological footprint“, based on the figure of 2.2 global hectares of resources on average needed to support the consumption of each person on earth. The problem is that the earth only has about 1.8 hectares to give. Thus, the lifestyle of the average human is unsustainable – and that’s the average. People in industrialized nations are consuming way more 1.8 hectares worth of Earth’s resources…

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