My doppelgangers

Do you have a doppelgänger, i.e., someone with whom you share a strong resemblance but relatively little DNA?

I do, and they pop up in all sorts of unexpected places.

Among famous people, I’ve been told I look like Bob Denver (kinda), Anthony Perkins (okay I see that one), Lorenzo Lamas (of course!), and Stephen Colbert (don’t see it).  I also really look like that guy from that thing.

My real doppelgängers, however, are these guys.  In some cases they look so much like me that I struggle to remember having these photos taken.

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 10.39.08 AM

The cool/creepy part is that each one of these guys is doing something I do which serves to heighten the resemblance. Okay, sure – I don’t routinely play with blowguns like the top right version of me, but I have done that in the past, and I’m not that bad . . .

Top left?  That’s Ivan Elias, the late bassist of the band Scandal. When I watch the video for Goodbye to You I get an eerie feeling that I’m actually watching myself on bass.  (I have played in a couple of bands, but I’m lead vocal and rhythm guitar.)

The bottom photos are a bit surreal, too.  I am a teacher who wears white shirts and ties and always has his sleeves rolled up when lecturing.  I also have been a long time bicycle commuter, again in shirt and tie.  The vintage photo on bottom right shows another version of me – again turned out in dapper shirt and tie – enjoying birds with some well-heeled ladies.

I suppose this means that I’ve got some kind of a genetic make-up that’s conducive to making music, birding, being really earnest in a classroom, and forcefully blowing air from my lungs with decent accuracy.  At the very least, it’s fun to see these other me-s enjoying the same things I do!

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