We’re gonna be okay

This is a blog devoted to appreciation and conservation of nature, respect and celebration of science and rational thought, and the occasional rant about how far we still can go in our love and care of fellow humans.

As you might imagine then, like millions of people all over the globe, I’m saddened to have handed over control of the world’s foremost economic and military power to a sociopathic, narcissistic, anti-intellectual baby-man and his army of sycophants hell-bent on the schadenfruede of people already marginalized by the powerful and the infantile.

Saddened is too soft. Sickened works a bit better.

Cruel. Stupid. Backwards. Corrupt. These are terms that describe that man and how I’ve thought about him for decades. He embodies the absolute worst of America, so in our infinite wisdom, we handed him the keys to America.

Many are terrified. Millions, that is.  We have a Putin puppet in the White House who’s displaying more fascist tendencies with each passing week.  And why not?  When you are mentally ill to the point that you think only you can fix what’s wrong with society; when you think that every man wants to be you and every woman (the hot ones, at least) want to be with you; when you think that you can act on every puerile fantasy of an adolescent boy and be chastised only by getting elected to the highest office in the land, you might start believing in your own nonsense.  Once you declare yourself the arbiter of truth and fiction and right and wrong, it’s probably fairly easy to start abusing your power to silence your critics, and to justify it because if those critics are against you, then they must be wrong.

So people are nervous, and vulnerable people are terrified.  This fool really could undo decades of real progress on human rights, environmental protection, etc. in a heartbeat.

But here’s the thing, and it gives me tremendous hope.

We’re gonna be okay.

We’re gonna be okay because this next generation will blow your mind with their commitment to equality and environment and their well-developed bullshit detectors. What we just did was inaugurate a common enemy for them whose rhetoric will expunge every ounce of apathy for politics that they would otherwise have developed. Folks think that Trump’s election was a revolution? We ain’t seen nothing yet.


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