Hummingbird rescue!

The Waterthrush Blog

I get a lot of weird calls from time to time. For some reason, I’m preceived as some kind of “A-Team” for whatever bird problem you might have. On those occasions when I invent advice that actually works, I’m thrilled!

Yesterday a fellow called me out of the blue because he had a hummingbird in his office. He was on the 4th floor of a modern building with a huge atrium, but he didn’t have a window (rats!) and he had no idea how the bird got in there.

My mind raced: How could I actually capture this little bird? If I put a net across the office door, there’d be a good possibility that the bird would zip through and take up permanent residence in the atrium. If I went after it in the office with some kind of butterfly net, the chance of injuring the bird would be…

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