Handbook of the Birds of the World – newsletter #37

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So much exciting new material in the latest update from HBW Alive!  Here’s a teaser:

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Nº37, July 2017
Analytics: the new powerful tool with all your stats, graphs and maps!
My Birding started out by offering a bird sighting recording system that combines automatic taxonomic updating, access to illustrations and distribution maps for all the world’s birds and direct links to all the information and materials available in HBW Alive. But we also wanted My Birding to be your best aide for planning your trips and analyzing your birding data.

To make this trip-planning tool more powerful, just a few months ago we created a series of Maps, each with its own statistics. Now we are happy to unveil a new, global Analytics page with all your statistics and maps in one place.

The Global stats option takes you to the main statistics page, which presents all of the data related to the number of species, your first sightings, endemics and your targets for each territory. Information is also given related to your photos, videos and sound recordings of species of each territory. You can easily customize the data that interests you, and put it in order following any of the columns in the chart.

. . .

New Split Species from the Illustrated Checklist Updated
As explained in our April Newsletter, we have been focusing our efforts on updating the passerine splits derived from Volume 2 of the Illustrated Checklist, both the original “mother” species and the resulting “daughter” species.

Over the last month, we completed the “new species” (resulting from splits) of the family Campephagidae (Cuckooshrikes) and we started on Meliphagidae (Honeyeaters). We also continue adding multimedia links to the completed “new species”, with Grallariidae (Antpittas), Rhinocryptidae (Tapaculos), Furnariidae (Ovenbirds) and Cotingidae (Cotingas) finished and Tityridae (Tityras and allies) under way.

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. . .

The first volumes of the Handbook of the Birds of the World series did not include the Voice section; it first appeared in the family Cuculidae (Cuckoos) in Volume 4.

We are very happy to announce that over the last month we finished the updating process of the Voice section for all the non-passerine species accounts, specifically with the completion of the last species of Alcidae (Auks), Strigopidae (New Zealand Parrots) and Psittacidae (Parrots) that where missing.

With this accomplishment, now ALL of the species accounts of HBW Alive have the Voice section completed, with the temporary exception of the “new species” of Passeriformes, resulting from splits derived from Volume 2 of the Illustrated Checklist, which we are working on now.

Here are four examples to peruse:

Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 9.26.40 AM.png

. . .

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