Where we wouldn’t put wind turbines

Speaking of turbines (and again, nine years ago), where *wouldn’t* we put them?

The Waterthrush Blog

Let’s just say for the sake of argument that wind power actually was as “green” as developers and lobbyists would have us believe – a big stretch, but bear with me. It would make good energy sense to erect towers and transmission lines anywhere we had favorable winds, right? But I suspect there would be some examples of places that – again for the sake of argument – were windy enough for development to make sense, but were otherwise so important to us that we wouldn’t actually want the spot developed for wind power. Here are a few examples:

Ellis Island?

Fenway Park?

The Rose Bowl?

Arlington National Cemetery?

Gettysburg National Park?

Colonial Williamsburg?


Old Faithful?

Mount Rushmore?

Yosemite National Park?

The Hollywood sign?

Surely it’s only the truly deluded (or simply the biggest jerks) who would ever consider drastically altering the character and quality of these special places…

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