Black lives really do matter

Re-booting today because we’re having the same conversations in 2020 that we had in 2016, and ad infinitum.

The Waterthrush Blog

Words mean stuff.

When white people hear “black lives matter”, many are distracted by the word black, and it leads them down the path of “Hey, ALL lives matter! Why are you singling out black people to receive special treatment?”

If this is what you think when you hear that phrase, then you have misunderstood the intent. The intent – and the part that resonates with most black people – is not the word black, but the word matter. “Black lives matter.”

Don’t feel bad. So much misunderstanding since the movement took hold could have been avoided had the message been better conveyed by simply adding the word too: “Black lives matter too.”

Also. As well. In addition to the lives of white people. As much as the lives of any other people.

The point is not to seek special treatment. The point is simply…

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