Disability Pride Month- PhD Sierra Williams shares a glimpse of her life

Fascinating and important perspectives here from Sierra Williams.

Integrative and Comparative Biology

by Sierra Williams, PhD and Mangum student program participant- SICB 2021

“Do you wish you had never gotten sick?” my mother asked me.

The question made me hesitate. My illness had destroyed my childhood and robbed me of my peace of mind. However, I wasn’t sure if I would be the same person sans illness. Would I have made the same choices? Would I still be studying immunology? Would I be in the STEM field at all? My disease had been a part of me for so long, trying to remember a time without it was like trying to remember a dream.

“Tribulation builds character,” I told her. I wasn’t sure if I believed it. “If I was offered a cure now, I would take it.” Taking a cure now wouldn’t erase the past ten years as a student with disabilities.

It wouldn’t erase the fear I felt when…

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