Undergraduate research in my lab? Sure! Here’s how it works.

It’s almost September and a new academic year has begun. That means it’s time again for this post!

The Waterthrush Blog

I spend a lot of time bragging about the 15 graduate students who’ve worked in my lab but this post is inspired by the 28 undergraduates I’ve had the good fortune to mentor in research. Within this group are veterinarians, medical doctors, wildlife biologists, research scientists, consultants, teachers, moms and dads, zookeepers, future grad students, ace field technicians, and the freest of free spirits. They are impressive people, and their journey with me began the day they gingered their swagger to contact me with a simple, but at the time for them, intimidating question: “Are there any opportunities to do an undergraduate research project with you?”

cropped-nathanabbey.jpg These two superstars, for example. Nathan and Abbey delivering poster presentations to the 125th annual meeting of the Wilson Ornithological Society in Williamsburg, VA.

IMG_6092 It’s all about the data.

Our world, i.e., ecology/conservation/management of natural resources, is heavily data driven. Some…

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