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You know these answers

I’ll begin with a brief quiz. You don’t need to study for this; I think you’ll do quite well. Read the prompt and pay attention to the first thing that pops into your head: powerhouse of the cell king of … Continue reading

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A conversation about grad school

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had this conversation. I plan to keep having it, too. But if this example can help answer some questions pre-emptively, I reckon this will have been a good use of my time. … Continue reading

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Under attack from within

I really would rather not be posting about political issues here, but these are indeed extraordinary days we’re living. To begin, consider this definition and this oath: Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, … Continue reading

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Essential Pride month reading and viewing for straight friends & colleagues

via Essential Pride month reading and viewing for straight friends & colleagues This day marks a celebration for LGBTQIA people in science, and it’s important to me to express my support for diversity in STEM. Few things I’ve seen better … Continue reading

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No more recommendation letters, please

Has this happened to you? You find a job announcement for a position that could be a great fit for you, but it’s due tomorrow! To apply, send CV (okay), a cover letter (yeah!), and three letters of recommendation from … Continue reading

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Violent storms and violet skies on the Oklahoma prairie

Though it’s not easy to orchestrate given my other commitments, a singular joy of mine is to head west each June for a whirlwind investment of about 24 hours in conducting the Lookout, OK Breeding Bird Survey route.     … Continue reading

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Historical data – shorebirds and a sea turtle on the Virginia Coast Reserve

Long ago my life was quite different. I spent a lot more time outside and I traveled to some pretty wild places. I did not, however, carry a camera with me. Back in those days, you might have a compact … Continue reading

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