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Audubon’s Online Guide to North American Birds

Originally posted on The Waterthrush Blog:
The National  Audubon Society has published a new Online Guide to North American Birds, and it’s worth a look. ? At a glance, the guide contains similar content to what birders expect in field…

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007 — History of Ornithology

BY: Bob Montgomerie, Queen’s University | 7 January 2019 A couple of years ago, my family and I had an early morning stopover in Frankfurt, Germany, en route to our spring bolthole in the French Pyrenees. As we stumbled bleary-eyed … Continue reading

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Bird Paper One

Originally posted on History of Ornithology:
BY: Bob Montgomerie, Queen’s University | 10 December 2018 When we were writing our Ten Thousand Birds book on the history of ornithology since Darwin, we thought it might be interesting to try to…

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Dear Americans, stop using China and India as climate change scapegoats — The Logic of Science

Reblogged from The Logic of Science.   I spend a lot of time on this blog debunking bad arguments, and I have previously devoted a lot of effort to debunking bad arguments against man-made climate change. There is, however, one … Continue reading

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Binocular advice for birders

I’m frequently asked about my recommendations for binoculars. My first recommendation is yes, you should get a pair. Sure, you can do a lot of birding without binoculars – and 90% or more of the birds I encounter I detect … Continue reading

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5 November 2018 – a pile of feathers and fruits

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Originally posted on Avian Window Kills:
In a corner of the main north entrance to the Noble Research Center, I encountered this mystery today: And I’m all like: So let’s get to work on this. First, this wasn’t here on…

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A conversation about grad school

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Originally posted on The Waterthrush Blog:
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had this conversation. I plan to keep having it, too. But if this example can help answer some questions pre-emptively, I reckon this will have been…

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