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The Eisenhower Matrix, and a step toward greater productivity

If you want to be more productive in reaching some goal, you can make the decision that “Tomorrow I’m going to be different!” Every time I do that, however, it doesn’t pan out. Rarely can someone just decide to change … Continue reading

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October 18 – Engrossed in Pine Grosbeaks — Lynn Barber’s Alaska Big Year – and Beyond

As I posted yesterday on Facebook, our first two Pine Grosbeaks of the fall were at our feeders the evening of October 16th. Yesterday, a day that began at 19 degrees in our yard, there were more – one female … Continue reading

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Audubon’s “Melody” the Piping Plover

Originally posted on The Waterthrush Blog:
Many years ago, I met Piping Plovers on the islands of the Virginia Coast Reserve.  My work there dealt with terns, skimmers, and gulls, but it was a real treat to spend two summers…

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AUTHOR BLOG: To the Grasshopper Sparrow, the Grass May Be Greener on the Other Side — Auk & Condor Updates

Emily Williams Linked paper: Patterns and correlates of within-season breeding dispersal: A common strategy in a declining grassland songbird by E.J. Williams and W.A. Boyle, The Auk: Ornithological Advances 135:1, January 2018. Late in the summer of 2013, when Alice … Continue reading

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March of the Painted Ladies!

Painted Lady nectaring on coneflower. /© Bryan Pfeiffer Painted Lady butterflies are flitting about fields, gardens, roadsides and meadows throughout eastern North America and beyond. Like Monarch butterflies, with which they are sometimes confused, Painted Ladies are now migrating southward. … Continue reading

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Multi-State Species Distribution Models: What to do When Species Need Multiple Habitats

Source: Multi-State Species Distribution Models: What to do When Species Need Multiple Habitats

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Don’t Eat the Death Camas…or ‘Death’ Anything

Originally posted on Nature's Poisons:
Plant poisonings are a funny thing. Most people aren’t actively seeking out poisonous plants in which to eat, that would be dumb. Rather they mistake them for something else through an honest mistake, willful…

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