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You belong to the most powerful gun lobby in the US. Use your power.

The horror of yet another mass shooting in an American school is upon us, and no words of mine can express the tragedy of those moments more vividly than the sound of the screams captured by the young people who … Continue reading

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We need next-gen nuclear power

A really important paper was just published in Science Advances by Elizabeth Anderson & colleagues. The team’s paper, Fragmentation of Andes-to-Amazon connectivity by hydropower dams, pretty much highlights what many pragmatic environmentalists have been stressing for years — so-called ‘renewable’ … Continue reading

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Birds Flying Into Minneapolis’ Glass-Walled US Bank Stadium Not a Good Look with Super Bowl LII Only Two Months Away

Originally posted on GreenSportsBlog:
Excitement is building in the Upper Midwest as Super Bowl LII at Minneapolis’ US Bank Stadium is less than two months away and the hometown Vikings stand a legitimate shot of being the first hometown team…

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Acknowledgments first! Stop stealing your own thunder.

via Why do people blow the punchline in scientific talks? The destructive effect of acknowledgements slides I’ve been trying to get my students to do this for quite some time now. Josh Schimel explains better than I why this is … Continue reading

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Do Species Matter: responding to an op-ed by R.A. Pyron in the Washington Post as a piece of writing.

Originally posted on Writing Science:
R. Alexander Pyron just published an op-ed in the Washington Post arguing that we don’t need to protect species from extinction. Many, unsurprisingly, are criticizing this piece on grounds that span from ethics to…

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Vicarious early winter in Vermont

Snow squalls sweep across the mountains in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. ./ © K.P. McFarland Fear not, during these short days and long nights of December, we’re still finding plenty of life in the fading light. Once we pass … Continue reading

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Jimmy Stewart, the Abominable Snowman, and Christmas

Originally posted on The Waterthrush Blog:
I’ve long been a fan of the actor James “Jimmy” Stewart.  He was a handsome everyman, homespun yet sophisticated, scrawny yet tough.  He did it all from comic pratfalls to Hitchcockian suspense to dusty…

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