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Organizational skill? No, organizational planning.

Are you naturally organized?  No, me neither. About 7 billion people on this planet right now could probably benefit from increased organization in their lives to manage short-term obligations and achieve long-term goals. The good news is that we don’t … Continue reading

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Writing an effective cover letter: a flowchart for success

I engage in quite a bit of professional development in my classes, and one of them includes the drafting of a cover letter. The students are required to peruse opportunities on a job-posting website (I send them to this one … Continue reading

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What words mean . . .

actually matters. Here in the US, there’s an unfortunate stereotype that someone who encourages the proper use of words and grammatical structures is a pedantic jerk.  If you do this, you might even be an intellectual snob in anti-intellectual America.  … Continue reading

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Advice from a professor who almost flunked out

Sometimes students see their professors as truly gifted brainiacs, and there are certainly some people like that among my faculty colleagues.  Most of us, however, are nothing special.  What sets us apart really just boils down to two things: interest … Continue reading

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